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Dark age MAA rush

I've seen DeMuslim use this build order a lot. You can see them doing it here. Basically, the idea is to delay the feudal age a bit but have a super early barrack and around 2 MAA(men at arms) at enemy base harassing the vills.


  • 4 on food and 2 making barrack(qs) -> 4-0-0-0/2 - Once that is done move both of the builders back to food -> 6-0-0-0/0
  • 1 of the food vill to making lumber camp(qe) - Keep making new vill -> 6-1-0-0/0
  • New vill to wood near lumber camp -> 7-2-0-0 - Make house using any of the food vill
  • If you have enough food at this point produce an EMAA(early men at arms) - You can make 2 EMAA as well but try to limit it and don't mass produce them at this point.
  • Move the EMAA to the enemy base and harass the vills - This is one of the issues I feel at my current level, going blind with EMAA on an enemy base is hard. Time would be around 2:00 - 2:20 and the possibility that my scout had found the enemy base is difficult. So moving EMAA blind on the map is tough again.
  • Go heavy on wood and food without having vill on gold - Time(approx): 2:30 - 3:00 - composition(approx): 5-8-0-0
  • After this make a mining camp(qr) and start gathering gold. - composition: 6-8-1-0 - Time(approx): 3:30 - 3:40
  • Now keep making vill and adjust the older vills as well. - composition: 10-2-4-0 - Again this number is just kind of approx basically you need to now focus on getting to feudal age. So try to manage vill in such a manner that they are gathering food and gold at the highest rate possible all that while also trying to keep the wood gathering going. - Don't completely halt the wood gathering
  • Again if all went well then by the early 5th minute you should have placed your council hall near your TC. - Build council hall using your 3-4 food vills. - composition(approx): 5-7-4-0/3 - You should have your council hall between 6:30 - 7:00%