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Delayed feudal with better economy

I saw this build order in one of the beastyqt's video[link]. I really liked this build order and have been using this a lot. I won a game in the ranked with this BO and also was able to continuously beat the hardest AI(which I wasn't able to do it before.)

This build order is a bit agressive one, where we go to feudal with better eco and then try to rush with few longbow's and spearmen to harass the opponent.


  • 2 -> sheep, 2 -> lumber camp, 2 -> mining camp

    • Add scout and 2 vill in TC queue.
    • Start to move your scout for sheeps.
  • New villager to making house and then a mill.

    • Make your mill toward the back side of your base.
    • The moment mill gets built, get the wheelbarrow upgrade
  • All new vill goes to the food until you have about 8 on

    • Composition should be something like, 8-2-2-0
    • Also slowly slowly keep moving vills from sheep to farms.
  • To age up, take 3 of the food vill and make council hall.

    • Move the remaining food vills to wood.
      • Make sure some of the vills are on farms, atleast 4
    • All new vills will go to food now.
    • Make a house using wood villager, whenever needed.
  • While the aging up is happening move 1 out of the 3 that were building the council hall, and make a barrack.

    • This is so we can immediately make either spearmen/MAA to support our longbow rush.
  • Once you reach the feudal age, make few longbowmen and few spearmen/MAA (depending on your ECO) and start to move toward the enemy base.

    • Also take 1/2 vills to make outpost along the way.
      • This is sort of important, english unique ability is network of castle which buffs them a bit. So if you make outposts along the way your small army will have better chances in harassing as well as countering the opponent army.
    • Another key thing here is that don't just drop outpost right beside the opponents base.
      • First make an output or two probably in the middle of the map, then make 1/2 output around 10/20 tiles away from enemy base. And then only drop an outpost on any of the enemy resources.
      • This helps, in case your opponent already had scouted what you were making and made a proper counter units.
  • Another important thing to remember in this is that don't make blacksmith right after aging up.

    • There are a lot of reasons for this:
      • If you harassing and making outpost along the way then you'll go low on wood.
      • For upgrades you need gold, in case the opponent isn't doing well with their own eco instead of getting upgrades you can think of going castle age.
      • For harassing or early rush you might think of making MAA which will take gold, so upgrading will halt/slow down your MAA production.
    • If your economy is going good, then wait atleast 2-3 minutes before making a blacksmith and getting those upgrades.
      • The best way would be to use your scout and see what your enemy is doing. If they are not making units they might be thinking of going to castle so its better you do the same thing instead of wasting resources on feudal age upgrades.

Personal thoughts

  • This BO is very similar to Early Wheelbarrow
  • I really enjoy this BO but I felt that this sort of requires bit of an intermediate level APM. So if you are beginner and doesn't have a decent APM then its good to stick with classic BO

  • Lot of time early harassing might fail, you need to understand when to actually stop making units and go castle.

    • Sometime we get lost in trying to do the first attack that we forget about our eco.
  • The most tricky part about this BO was knowing when to drop the blacksmith.

    • the only way that would help is trying to use this BO in multiple games and see for yourself.