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Early Wheelbarrow

I've seen don artie do this build order in almost all the games in which he plays as English. The first time I saw it was on AussieDrongo's channel when he was casting one of don Artie's golden league matches.

In this build order, don hits feudal age somewhere between 6:15 - 6:40 but he had a somewhat pretty stable economy and around 20-25 vills, with a wheelbarrow, already researched.


  • 2 vills on food, 2 on making mining camp(qr) to nearest gold, 2 to closest treeline making lumber camp(qe)
    • 2-0-0-0/2/2 -> 2-2-2-0/0
    • Keep moving the scout
  • 1 new vill to make mill(qw) either to closest berries or dear patch.
    • The best case would be if the mill is pretty close to TC or toward the back of your base.
      • This will help in the future when we start transitioning to farms.
    • Use any of the food vills to make a house close to TC
  • All new vill to food until you have something like 8-2-2-0 composition.
    • By this time you should have enough gold to get a wheelbarrow upgrade from the mill. so get that
    • Make sure to keep making new vills
  • Just keep managing your scout and making new vills until vill composition is something like 11-1-3-0
    • Once something like this happens move the majority of vills from food to wood -> 3-9-3-0
    • At first, I was confused about why this was being done but then I realized Don was planning to get the wood a bit higher so then he can immediately transition to farms.
  • Once you have a decent amount of wood for 6-8 farms bring back the wood vills to make new farms(qa) near your mill
    • Composition could be similar to 6-7-3-0/0 with majority of food being farming

Note - If you are getting confused with numbers like composition was 3-9-3-0 = 15 vill and then I said 6-7-3-0=16 vill and thinking how did 1 vill grow, well it's important to constantly make new vill, so while all the farms being built or you were moving your scout or whatever, the TC should be making a(or multiple) vills

  • At this point, the time should be around 5:00 - 5:15 and you should have composed something like 6-10-2-0/1/1
    • 6 on food(farms), 10 on wood, 2 on gold, 1 building council hall, 1 making barrack
    • I notice don Artie was hitting feudal age around 6:10 - 6:40

Now a lot of people seeing this would obviously notice that a 6-minute time isn't a very good time to hit feudal age because if your opponent has already hit feudal age around 4/5 minutes they could be rushing on you. But in the matches that I observed I didn't see Don having any issue with this build order.

Once they had the council hall & barrack. They queued spearmen and longbowmen and were also making blacksmiths. And right after blacksmith, they started getting those melee units to upgrade.

Personally, I don't want to use this build order because:

  • This requires a lot of management of vills and scout + At least at this point I'm unable to move around my base with crazy speed/shortcuts
  • In the majority of games that I play there are always people trying to just bring a few amounts of infantry into my base to harass my vills. So I feel like hitting feudal at 6+ and then going for longbowmen and spearmen might not be that good?