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English 2TC

Nowadays the meta is to get 2 TC with every civ. And I've been trying 2 TC build with English and its pretty good actually. You can get 2 TC before castle age and then just get the king's palace as a 3rd TC, that really gives your economy a boom.

I won't go into the whole build order for this since it is actually very similar to classic english. The main difference is that the moment you age up with the gold villagers, instead of moving them back to gold move them to stone. And then put all the new villagers to stone.

So basically once you reach feudal age you would have around 8-10 villages on wood(8 is should be sufficient if you aren't making longbows). And right after aging up you move the age up villager + new vills to stone until you have 8-10. And the moment you have 400 wood + 300 stone, make a new TC with the stone villagers near a food source.

Now from here, it's up to you, if you want to go to the castle just move 1 TC vills to food and another TC to gold.

If you are being rushed or all-in'd then probably the best way to retaliate would be to get more food + wood and counter the opponent units.