Classic English

I'm not sure what to name it but this build order is pretty decent if you don't have TheViper level macros/micros.

What we will do in this build order?

We will focus on getting to the feudal age somewhere between 3:10 - and 4:00. Once we are in the feudal age we will try to build a basic level army that can include the English longbowmen and some spearmen. Now from there, you can either go for villager harassment or maybe some sort of tower rush or just try to boom and get to the castle and/or imperial age.


After you've got the council hall make sure to have more vills on food and wood as compared to gold. This is because you'll be either making barracks and then spearmen/MAA or you'll be making longbowmen's all they require more food and wood as compared to gold.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it's important to drop down the blacksmith as soon as your resources(wood) allow. This is so you can get all the upgrades for your melee units and probably one of the most important upgrades i.e siege engineer(especially if you plan to do early ram rush).

I also just want to state that my approach/build order is the best out there but I think I've seen the majority of players/streamers recommend similar build orders for English so that is why I just like to assume that hitting feudal age in between 3:10-4:00 with approx 14-16 vill is a good way to start making archers/spearmen/MAA(men-at-arm) and then decide what to do.

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