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  • Always make an extra scout except for HRE and Chinese

    • The idea of extra scout is to get more sheeps for yourself and steal it from your opponent.
    • The reason for not making extra scout for those two civs is that in both of those civs you make Prelate/Imperial Official and if you make extra scout your feudal age will be a bit extra delayed.
    • There are Sheep scouting patterns on most of the maps. You can read about sheep scouting here
    • Once your scout(s) has gone through the map and have delivered all the sheeps back to TC you can use your scout(s) for harrasing as well as gathering intel about what the opponent is doing.

    • If the opponent have say 2/3 vills on stone that could mean they are going to make outposts/towers and will then add Arrowslits in those outposts.

    • If they are putting like 4-5 or more vills on stone that could mean they are thinking of making another TC.
    • You can also leave your scouts in certain positions so in case while macroing you need to know what is happening in the opponent base you can have some sort of visibility about it.
    • Beastyqt have a really good video on this topic