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For Sacred site victory

I think with the Delhi sultanate the chances of winning with sacred site victory is a bit higher than other ways of winning.

Few things to know about Delhi

  • Delhi sultanate gets all the upgrades for free, you don't have to pay gold to get those research.
    • As a Delhi player you put very few on gold.
  • The research takes quite a long time.
    • Making a mosque and garrisoning the scholars improve the research speed.
    • The more scholar you garrison the faster the research is done.
  • If your research is done 40% and you stop it and restart again, it will start from 40% and not from 0.
  • I don't think there is any early rush possible with Delhi.


  • 1 vill make mill near berries and the rest of the vills(5) cuts the closest tree to TC

    • Immediately start Wheelbarrow and Survival Techniques research
    • Add a scout and 2 vills in the TC queue.
    • Composition - 1-5-0-0
    • New vills to berries
  • As soon as you have around 250 wood,

    • 1 vill -> house -> move to berries
    • 1 vill ->lumber camp -> move to berries
      • Start the Forestry research
    • 1 vill -> mining camp -> keep on gold
    • 2 vill -> mosque -> Move to berries
      • Immediately start Efficient Production, Piety research
      • Try to cover your mining camp & mill with the mosque.
      • If that is not possible then cover any other two resources.
      • But later remember to cover the one resource not covered by the initial mosque.
    • Composition -> 8-0-1-0
  • Once there are 8 vills on food make sure there are 2 on gold after that make 10 vills for wood.

    • Composition -> 8-10-2-0
    • Make house when needed, probably using wood vill.
    • After this move all the new vills to food.
  • Once you have enough gold and food foraging up, use 3 food vills for making Dome of faith.

    • Almost in every game you'll be making Dome of faith.
    • Tower of victory doesn't really add anything.
  • Once you reach the Feudal age there are a few things to do:

    • Start the Sanctity and All-Seeing Eye research from the mosque
    • Get all the research from Mining Camp and Lumber Camp.
    • In the mill, your Wheelbarrow research would be finished but the survival techniques would only be 10-20% done.
      • Stop that research, start horticulture and then restart survival techniques.
      • This is because we want horticulture before survival techniques.
    • Make 1/2 scholars(from Dome of Faith) and garrison them to the mosque.
    • Make 2 blacksmiths and get all the research except Military academy
      • If you want you can get that research at last.
    • Make a stable and make a few horsemen.
      • This is so you can try to get the map control.
  • Once the Sanctity research is 90% finished move your scholars toward sacred sites.

    • This means you should at least have 3 scholars. And also should make 1/2 new scholars to garrison in the mosque, so research speed doesn't slow down.
    • Also use your scouts to see what the enemy is doing and what sort of army composition they have. Because depending upon their army we will be making barracks/archery ranges.
      • If they have horsemen, make barrack and then spearmen
      • If they have spearmen, make archery range and then some archers.

After this all depends on how well you are able to defend that sacred site.


  • If you have made horsemen, move them to the sacred middle site with your scholar.

    • Majority of the time that site is easily reachable by your enemy so they try to stop you from taking it which could mean a bit of clash between the armies.
    • Also if any sacred site is really close to the enemy base then send some army with the scholar going there.
  • In Delhi, infantry has the option of making palisade walls and gates. So right after you capture the site or while it's being captured trying to use your infantry to make palisade walls around the sacred site.

    • If after you've moved your infantry the enemy tries to break the wall you'll be alerted and can then retaliate before losing the site.
  • We keep on few on gold because sacred sites generate all the gold for you to reach the castle age. And once in castle age, try to capture as many relics as possible.

    • When you see that you are aging up, you can move your scholars closer to the relics so the movement you age up you can grab them and run.

This Build order was suggested by Beastyqt in this video