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I was using feedly and it was doing the decent job but then I felt that since I have the resources I should try to self host the RSS reader. Even though there are numerous feed readers I felt that tt-rss is the most simplest one out there.

How to

version: "3"
    image: wangqiru/ttrss:latest
    container_name: ttrss
      - 7869:80
      - SELF_URL_PATH= # please change to your own domain
      - DB_PASS=SAME_PASSWORD_HERE_AS_WELL # use the same password defined in `database.postgres`
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - /home/ttrs/feed-icons:/var/www/feed-icons/
      - public_access
      - service_only
      - database_only
    stdin_open: true
    tty: true
    restart: always

  service.mercury: # set Mercury Parser API endpoint to `service.mercury:3000` on TTRSS plugin setting page
    image: wangqiru/mercury-parser-api:latest
    container_name: mercury
      - public_access
      - service_only
    restart: always

  service.opencc: # set OpenCC API endpoint to `service.opencc:3000` on TTRSS plugin setting page
    image: wangqiru/opencc-api-server:latest
    container_name: opencc
      - NODE_ENV=production
      - service_only
    restart: always

    image: postgres:13-alpine
    container_name: postgres
      - POSTGRES_PASSWORD=SAME_PASSWORD_HERE_AS_WELL # feel free to change the password
      - /home/ttrs/postgres/data/:/var/lib/postgresql/data # persist postgres data to ~/postgres/data/ on the host
      - database_only
    restart: always


  public_access: # Provide the access for ttrss UI
  service_only: # Provide the communication network between services only
    internal: true
  database_only: # Provide the communication between ttrss and database only
    internal: true
  • I had created a new directory named ttrss for storing all the tt-rss stuff.
  • In order to find your PUID and PGID you can run id command

Now just go to your portainer instance and click on stacks -> new stack, enter the name of the stack(anything you like), paste the docker-compose and click on the deploy button.

If everything was done correctly then you should have tt-rss running on <youIP>:7869.

Feedly Theme & import (optional)

Importing from

If you want you can import opml from feedly to your self hosted instance of tt-rss.

  • Go to
    • Login if needed
  • Then click on the export button
    • The export button is right beside the Import OPML button, its a small arrow type symbol
  • Download your feedly opml
  • Go to your tt-rss instance
    • Go to preferences -> Feeds -> OPML
    • Then just import the OPML file you exported from feedly.


I prefer feedly theme in tt-rss. So if you want that just follow the steps below:

  • Login into your tt-rss instance

    • For first time login use
      • Username: admin
      • Password: password
  • Go to prefrences

    • In top right there are 3 bars click on them to see preferences option
  • In General there is a drop down to select the new theme