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Path to default generated maps

If you are on windows I'd just recommend using a tool called Everything to search for Data.sga file. And once you find it you can open the file in Age of Empire IV: content editor.

The specific paths for the Data.sga file should be:

<GAME_INSTALLED_DIRECTORY>\Age of Empire IV\Content\Cardinal\archives\Data.sga
  • The GAME_INSTALLED_DIRECTORY is the path where you have installed your game. And the above path is for if you installed the game via Xbox game pass

  • If you have the game installed via Steam then the path would be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Empires IV\cardinal\archives\Data.sga

    • Again the initial path for your steamapps may vary for you.

Once you have opened the Data.sga then you can find all the default map codes in data:scar\terrainlayout\skirmish_maps\

  • Lot of functions are defined in the map_setup.lua file.
    • To see this file, open Data.sga in Content editor and then go to data:scar\terrainlayout\library\

Suggestion: If you are looking to go through an existing map code to see how it's being generated I would recommend trying to read the code of archipelago map. Its code is just ~250 lines(without comments).