Do's and Don'ts

These are the must do's and don'ts of making the boot2root machine.

  • Always link .bash_history file to /dev/null

    • ln -sf /dev/null .bash_history
  • If you for some reason used your SSH key to easily access the VM for testing or any other purpose make sure to remove it.

  • Test your VM with lowest possible hardware configuration so you know when your thing will crash.

  • Make sure to thoroughly test all the things so that you don't mess up.

    • If you want other people to test your VM then contact m0tleycr3w
      • I get all my VMs test by them :-)
  • Use Fixed memory allocation since that is much faster

    • Not a fixed rule but it's prefered.
  • Assign 1 GB RAM first and then test the VM if it's slow or something then extend the RAM .

    • This helps to test VM on low specs. We might have 8/16GB ram but the person doing might not have that.
  • For ubuntu always use the server version and not the GUI/full ISO