Broadcast Receivers

They are responsible for providing you all the notifications that you get. Also sometimes they pass around bits and pieces of information to other/multiple applications.

  • run []( -a <package-name>
  • Broadcasts are sent via sendBroadcast() and what will be done on that broadcast will be determined by onReceive() method.
  • There are broadcasts receivers that gets registered at runtime so drozer will not report them and you'll have to find them manually.
    • registerReceiver() - This is the method name.
  • It's possible that a activity have a intent filter. Now if we pass the intent via a broadcast it's possible that activity might get provoked.
    • Only happens when it's set to exported=True or you have root permission(N/A)
  • We can also try to sniff the broadcasts.
    • run app.broadcast.sniff -a <action/intent>