Basically a data object that tells what task is to be performed.

<activity android:name="ActivityName">
    <action android:name="android.intent.action.View">

This is a simple activity telling about the action and the type of URL it accepts. The scheme of that URL can be http.

There are Explicit intent as well - They are sort of one that opens the URL in the android browser. Think of like when you click on some article link in twitter app and it opens, In-app Browser.

**run app.activity.start —action <activity-name> —data-uri <URL> —component <component> <package-name>**

This is the command that can be used to interact with acitivites using drozer.

NOTE: Always make sure to check out the code of that Activity to see what it is doing with the URL and see if it can be exploited.

  • Review the source code that handles the exported intents