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So these are just collections of command that might be helpful.


  • To find the package
    • adb shell pm list packages | grep <package-name>
    • If you have frida server running you can run frida-ps -U | grep <name>


These commands are to be run on drozer console which open by running: drozer console connect

  • Package info: run []( -a <package-name>
  • To open AndroidManifest.xml: run app.package.manifest <package-name>
    • It's better to open this file in your editor to be able to read through it properly 😃
  • To see how many activity, broadcast, service or content provider are exported run:
    • run app.package.attacksurface <package-name>
  • See clipboard content
    • module install clipboard
    • run post.capture.clipboard